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LMJC Organizing Committee together we create meaningful positive change for young creative artists, beginning with the under-resourced communities. Together they are launching the first La Maison Joséphine Baker Republic of Creative Possibilities Center and generate new narratives for promising international youth leaders.

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Organizing Committee Participants:

International Advisory Committee LMJC

  • Paul Gladstone Ried, International Advisory Committee Chair
  • Chef Kimberly Brock-BrownAmerican Culinary Federation (ACF) National President, Author, Consultant, Celebrity Chef, Speaker [South Carolina, US]
  • Kelly Mullen – Global Head of Entertainment & Culture Marketing, Fries Movie [London, England]
  • Terra Renee – Founder and President of African American Women In Cinema Organization, Inc. (AAWIC), Film Producer-Founder of African American Women In Cinema Organization-Public Speaker, Multi-Award Winner.
  • Liz Williams: Founder of the Southern Food & Beverage Museum and of the National Food & Beverage Foundation, Author and Food, Drink & Culture speaker, Food/Museum/Food Policy Consultant and SOFAB fiscal sponsor. [New Orleans, LA]
  • Thiaba Bruni: Vice-President Du Cran (Representative Council of Black Associations of France)
  • Olivier N’ Guessan: Journalist, executive producer (France)
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